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Benefits of Human/User-centered Design

September 14, 2015
  • Reducing Development Time: This method focuses on the user needs and also different organizational needs. Thus, it helps the system to reduce the development time by applying some particular methods. It reduces the late changes to minimize the development time. Otherwise there needs to produce some products which will meet the needs of the people. It also helps to minimize the development time by reducing the cost of the future. It also redesigns the architecture which helps to make the future versions of any product more usable.
  • Increasing Sales: This method helps to increase the sales of services or products as it makes a good publicity of the products which also helps the marketing of the product in a great scale. Repeat sales can be made consecutively which also helps to satisfy the customers even more. Thus, the usability of the product will give higher rating of those products in the trade press.
  • Saving of Usages: This method helps to save the usages of the different phases of the system by applying some particular rules and focusing on some particular strategies. It reduces the time that was assigned for the task and helps in the contribution of increasing the level of productivity of the overall system. There might be some user errors while completing the task but it might be corrected later with some care. These fewer amounts of errors will lead the system to have an increased service of better quality. Moreover, in this method less training will be enough to get the best results. Also the requirements of the support and documentation are much lesser than any other methods used. It also contributes on the reduction of staff turnover ratio. As a result of the fact there will be higher satisfaction and also higher motivation will be worked between the customers.
  • Support Saving: This is financially a very useful method. It helps to reduce the costs of the training elements. Besides, it also reduces the time that is provided for the purpose of training. It also contributes to minimize the time spent by other assistant staffs at the time when the users face any kind of difficulties. Not but the least, this method also helps to reduce the help line support. Overall, this is a unique method to help in all the corners of the support saving and the most beneficial one.
  • Improving the Quality of Life: Using this method, the users get more comfort and this method has earned the satisfaction of them all over the world. This gives less stress to the users as the use of software is relatively less here and this one also gets less frustrating.

The user centered design is undoubtedly one of the most unique and helpful method of designing. It is a simple iterative method and helps the software designers in a great extent. It can help the users to achieve their goal of a particular product launched by the users. User requirements are the prime concerns of this methodology and involves from the beginning to the ending of the system as well. This is one of best methodologies used in this particular field for the whole product cycle.