Userhub Reunion 2023: 12 Years of UX in Bangladesh

Userhub Reunion 2023

Celebrating 12 Yers of UX in Bangladesh
Usehrub Co-founder Nilim Ahsan speaking at the UX Career Workshop

UX Design Career Workshop

How to start a career in UX Design
Participants at UX Boot Camp Design Thinking session.

UX Boot Camp 2019

User Experience & Design Thinking
UX design day-long course participants brainstorming on their project.

UX Design Day-long Course

User Experience Design Starter
Design thinking participants at the UX Boot Camp 2019

UX Boot Camp 2018

UX & Design Thinking with Don Norman
UX Boot Camp 2017 participants

UX Boot Camp 2017

User Experience & Design Thinking
UX Boot Camp 2016 Participants

UX Boot Camp 2016

User Experience & Design Thinking
Kamrul’s Search for Collaborative UX Learning, and how he became a CUXP

Kamrul’s Search for Collaborative UX Learning

Certified User Experience Professional (CUXP)
Startup UX: Get the help you need

Startup UX: Get The Help You Need

Founding A Startup? Get the Help You Need.
L.K Mamun, CUXP

I.K Mamun

Co-founder, Daak