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UX Design Boot Camp 2017: User Experience & Design Thinking

UX Boot Camp is an opportunity for people to learn about User Experience, Human Centered Design and Design Thinking. Now that we have millions of app available to us, we stick to the ones that provide a pleasant experience until something better becomes available. Companies are realizing that the only way to hold on to their users is by keeping them happy with a good User Experience. And the only way to give them such an experience is by reaching out to them.

Here, at the Design Thinking Boot Camp, you will be taught how to generate ideas targeting a specific problem and come up with an effective solution to it. For your own benefit, we have arranged the Boot Camp as a daylong event, divided into three sessions, so that you can learn to implement what you have learned with our help.

Day-long Design Learning and Collaboration

Session 1: Introduction to User Experience & Human-centered Design

The first session will consist of educational lectures, demonstrations and guided hands-on team work. You will be introduced to User Experience and its principles, Human Centered Design and Information Architecture. You will be shown the complete ideation process that takes place in between facing a problem to reaching a possible solution for it. You will learn how to create basic User Interface sketches.

Session 2: Design Thinking Workshop

In the interactive session, you will be divided into teams, and given a real-world problem to work on. The idea will be to find a solution to the problem and to design its interaction with the user. You will have help all along the steps. Mentors will be available to answer your queries and clear your confusions.

Session 3: Design Review

The last session will be completely dedicated to reviewing the work you have done and discussing its possible outcome in the real world. Each team will present their work in a short presentation, which will then be reviewed by professionals.

How you will be benefitted

  • You will learn how to better understand users’ expectations
  • You will learn to reframe problems so that you can see it from the users point of view
  • You will learn how to work in teams and accept diverse opinions to improve the design thinking process
  • You will learn to create Information Architecture
  • You will learn how to make quick user interface sketches
  • Last but not the least, you will learn to implement your learning into a real-world project

Program & Schedule

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Gates Open at 8:00 AM)

Time Event
9:00 AM Opening Speech by Nilim Ahsan
9:15 AM Importance of UX in Career Development by Hasin Hayder
9:30 AM Introduction to UX, Human Centered Design & Design Thinking
by Wahid Bin Ahsan
11:00 AM Tea Break
11:30 AM Design Thinking Workshop led by Wahid Bin Ahsan
1:00 PM Lunch Break
01:45 PM Design Thinking Workshop (continues)
4:30 PM Tea Break
5:00 PM Design Review
6:00 PM Certificate giving & Closing


Lunch and tea will be available for all the participants.
Certificates will be awarded to all participants.

Stationery needed

  • Sticky notes (standard size)
  • 2B/4B Pencils
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • A4 Paper – 10 sheets
  • Colour Pencils
  • Writing Board
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