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Effective Content for better UX

Effective Content for better UX

Workshop on Content Strategy & Writing

Great content is what separates you from your competitors.  It is what delivers your message to the audience. Good content answers question. It is easy to understand and interesting enough to catch the attention of your audience. The more value your content adds, the more trust you are able to build with the audience.

Adults, on average, spend a few hours every week, browsing through online media. This is a huge opportunity for brands to reach out to their target consumers. With so much information to browse through, it is up to the content strategist to create engaging content that will attract the consumers.

At this content strategy workshop, we will show you how you can create effective content through research and distribute it to target audience. Creating good content will ensure a stronger user experience.


  • Principles of communication, and their applications
  • How to do define your target audience
  • Different writing styles and their usage
  • How to create & distribute effective content
  • How to categorize and organize information
  • Produce persuasive content for business communication
  • Write influential content targeted for specific user group
  • Create content optimized for user’s search experience
  • Embark on your UX journey with Userhub! Let's build impactful strategies together.

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