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UX Boot Camp 2019, Dhaka, Bangladesh

UX Boot Camp 2019

Design Thinking Workshop

UX Design Boot Camp 2019, we will focus on the issues E-commerce services face while trying to provide customers with a good experience. During the design-thinking sessions, we will help participants identify the real-world problems users face while interacting with E-commerce platforms and help them find design-based solutions to them.

The E-commerce industry in Bangladesh is all set to grow as internet becomes more readily available to the people. People every day are making the conscious decision of buying products online as the e-commerce platforms are providing consumers with a greater variety of choices and, helping them save both time and energy required to visit physical shops. The size of e-commerce market crossed the BDT 17.0 billion-mark in 2017 from BDT 4.0 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach Tk 70 billion (Tk 7,000 crore) by 2021, according to the data available with e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB).

With the constant technological advancements, companies are realizing that the only way to hold on to their users is by keeping them happy with a good User Experience. As the demand for UX Designers is increasing, we are facing a shortage of skilled UX Designers. After successfully completing three consecutive UX Boot Camps, we are arranging the next one in this year in order to create a surplus amount of skilled UX designers that can compete with the international market.

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The workshop will be divided into three sessions; an intensive training session, a design-thinking session and a review session.

The whole idea of the UX Boot Camp is to encourage the young minds to bring about a revolution in the Digital Industry with innovative thinking.

What you will learn

  • Principles of Human-centered Design
  • The importance of User Research before designing a product, system or service
  • How to Empathize with users and identify their problems
  • How to generate ideas targeting specific problems faced while interacting with E-commerce service delivery platforms and come up with an effective solution to it
  • How to work as a team and invite other team member’s ideas
  • How to implement Human-centered Design to the E-commerce experience
  • Learn from real examples in major organisations just how great an impact shared references can have
  • Learn how to better integrate the tools and techniques at our disposal to create and distribute more effective content
  • Acquire some simple tips and tricks that will help you build stronger shared references with your users

Stationery needed

  • Sticky notes (standard size)
  • 2B/4B Pencils
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • A4 Paper – 10 sheets
  • Colour Pencils
  • Writing Board


Lunch and coffee will be available for all the participants.

Participants at our previous UX Boot Camp

  • Ajker Deal
  • Amber Group
  • Ankur ICT Development Foundation
  • Banglalink
  • Bdipo
  • BDJobs
  • Bit Makers
  • Codersit
  • Cubex Ltd
  • Escenic Asia
  • GoBD
  • GrameenPhone
  • Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL)
  • Magnito Digital
  • Nascenia
  • Nazdaq Technologies
  • NestedApps
  • Nitol Group
  • Payoneer
  • Reve Systems
  • Robi
  • Salah Software Solution
  • Save The Children
  • SSL Wireless
  • Twister Media Technologies Ltd.
  • Telenor Digital
  • Techtonix
  • Webable


Peter Morville
Peter MorvilleFounder and PresidentSemantic Studios

Peter is a pioneer of the fields of information architecture and user experience. His bestselling books include Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Intertwingled, Search Patterns, and Ambient Findability. He has been helping people to plan since 1994, and advises such clients as AT&T, Cisco, Harvard, IBM, the Library of Congress, Macy’s, the National Cancer Institute, and Vodafone. He has delivered conference keynotes and workshops in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. His latest book is Planning for Everything. He blogs at intertwingled.org.

Wahid bin Ahsan
Wahid Bin Ahsan Co-founder & CXO Userhub
Facilitator UX Boot Camp

Wahid bin Ahsan is the front runner of User Experience (UX) and Software Design Industry in Bangladesh. He is specialized in Human-centered design, user research, user interface design, visual design, usability evaluation, ISO 9241 (ergonomics of human-computer interaction), accessibility standards compliance, ISO/IEC 40500:2012, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), Section 508 Rehabilitation Act (USA), Disability Rights and Protection Act (Bangladesh) consultant, user experience architect, user researcher, educator, and speaker.

Eric Reiss
Eric Reiss CEOFatDUX Group

Eric Reiss’s experiences have served him admirably as a designer, content strategist, information architect, interaction designer, and usability expert. In more mundane lives, Eric has been a two-term president of the Information Architecture Institute and Professor of Usability and Design at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Today, Eric is CEO of the FatDUX Group in Copenhagen, Denmark, a leading UX company with offices and associates in over a dozen cities worldwide. He also has several books to his credit.They are: Usable Usability, Practical Information Architecture, The Compleat Talking Machine.

Nilim Ahsan
Nilim Ahsan Co-founder & CEO Userhub
Mentor UX Boot Camp

Nilim Ahsan is an experienced user experience strategist and online marketing specialist. She has expertise in user experience design and strategy, social media marketing, business development, strategy development for various clients in the offline and online marketing space. She has substantial experience in business communications, operational management, project management, client procurement and internet marketing optimization. Nilim has worn many hats in her career- designer, writer, digital marketer, researcher, mentor, marketing manager, administrator and strategist.

Mahmudul Hasan Sohag
Mahmudul Hasan Sohag ChairmanOnnoRokom Group

Mahmudul Hasan Sohag is the Chairman of OnnoRokom Group of Companies. OnnoRokom Group comprises the following concerns-Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd, Rokomari.com, TechShopBD.com, OnnoRokom Software Ltd, OnnoRokom Electronics Ltd, OnnoRokom Prokashonee


Rezaur Rahman Shahed

Rezaur Rahman Shahed UX Researcher Pathao

Reham Karim

Reham Karim UX DesignerUserhub

Ashfaq Mahmood Rafi

Ashfaq Mahmood Rafi UX DesignerUserhub

Umme Kulsum

Umme Kulsum Graphic DesignerUserhub

Kazi Mamun

Kazi Mamun Web Developer Freelance

Tayeba Habib

Tayeba Habib Graphic & UI DesignerDnet

Muhammed Imran

Muhammed Imran UX DesignerCOdesign

Program Schedule

9:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Gates Open at 8:00 AM)

Time Event
9:00 AM Opening Speech
9:30 AM Online Session with Eric Reiss
10:15 AM UX Journey of Rokomari.com
10:30 AM Interactive Classroom Lecture
11:00 AM Tea break
11:30 PM Design Thinking Workshop (continues)
1:30 PM Lunch break
2:30 PM Design Thinking Workshop (continues)
4:00 PM Tea Break
4:30 PM Project Showcase
5:30 PM Online Session with Peter Morville
6:15 PM Certificate & Closing Ceremony
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