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Switching from Graphic Design to UI Design – Are you ready?

Stating last year’s data, an average person specially the teen population spends around 2.5 to 3 hours browsing online and why not? From newspapers to books to tickets, everything is now available at their fingertips. It has also been forecasted that the time spent on the internet will increase even more in the coming years. Now that we add figures to the data, it seems alarming but while it may be a bad thing, it is good for businesses as they can reach their target customers in a number of ways that was not possible before. Since it is possible now, the industries are also moving away from printing ads and banners to promote their products and services, to developing applications and showing online advertisements. In short, they are using the power of User Interface Design and Experience Design to attract customers.

As of June 2016, 2.2 million apps are available for download to android users and around 2 million for apple users (Source). With so many applications available to users, only a few names stick around and get repeatedly used. That is because they give us an experience that we like and we keep coming back to them for it. This is the reason why the demand for User Interface Designers worldwide are has been increasing in the last few years to the point where more than 50,000 UI related jobs are available all around the globe, in just one job site.

All the professionals who have been working in the design industry as a Graphic Designer for the past ten years or so- it’s time to upgrade yourselves! While the thought of doing something new at this point may seem scary to you, it has never been easier. Your knowledge and experience in Graphic Design will help you grasp the concept of UI Design better. All you need to do is set your mind to it.

Graphic Design alone will not help you survive in the market in the coming years. We understand your dilemma which is why Userhub is giving career development guidelines to those who are brave enough to change themselves for the better. Visit us and let us help you build a better secure future for you.

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