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Nilim Ahsan

Nilim Ahsan

With a wealth of experience spanning over 18 years, Nilim Ahsan has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the realms of User Experience (UX), Human-Centered Design (HCD), and social development sectors. Nilim’s broad range of expertise encompasses various roles – from an accomplished UX strategist and designer, digital marketer, researcher, to a seasoned mentor and administrator. Her rich portfolio of clients extends across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, reflecting her global acumen and ability to resonate with diverse business cultures and norms.

As a pioneer in Bangladesh’s IT scene, Nilim significantly contributed to the development of the freelancing and outsourcing sectors in the country’s early stages. Her foresight and innovative thinking introduced the concept of international quality services to the local community, expanding Bangladesh’s footprint in the worldwide marketplace.

Alongside her multifaceted career, Nilim has a particular passion for women’s inclusion in the tech industry. She initiated AVA – a project dedicated to supporting talented underprivileged girls, as part of her broader commitment to social development. Nilim’s tireless work on the project illustrates her belief in empowering women through technology.

Co-founding Userhub marked a significant chapter in Nilim’s journey. Her vision was instrumental in shaping Userhub into Bangladesh’s leading institution for UX and HCD education and research. Nilim’s holistic and people-centric approach aligns with Userhub’s core values of People, Knowledge, and Innovation. Her strategic thinking, bolstered by her experiences in both the technology and social sciences, drives Userhub’s goal of crafting engaging and meaningful digital interfaces.

A well-respected speaker, Nilim shared her expertise at events like Digital World in 2015, and BASIS Soft Expo in 2017, and 2018. Her knowledge and insights continue to guide Userhub’s growth while inspiring many in the industry.

Nilim Ahsan’s dedication to blending technology and social progress reflects her strategic role at Userhub. Her diverse competencies and leadership are integral to Userhub’s continuous evolution and commitment to digital transformation and sustainable development.

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