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We decided to create a Mobile App that would have articles posted on all the recent occurings in the User Experience World.

Learn UX Knowledge Platform

User-centered way of learning User Experience.

User Experience and Human Centred Design is essential for designing successful products and services. We found that there are so many misconceptions about the topic and so very few platforms in our country that provide actual knowledge about User Experience and the know hows of Human Centred Design. So we thought of creating a Mobile Application that would have all the recent articles and information that would benefit anyone interested to learn User Experience.

Our Solution

We decided to create a Mobile Application that would have articles posted on all the recent occurings in the User Experience World and how to apply User Experience while designing products. Our target audience was recent graduates,  professionals, freelancers, designers and those who are already working in the Software Industry. The whole interaction was designed in the simplest possible way so that users could easily find what they were looking for.

Learn UX  App has the following features –

  • Newsfeed – where all the articles are displayed with the recent ones being at the top.
  • Topics from which one can choose from
  • Search – Users can search using topics or any keyword

Design & Development

We followed User Experience Design while designing the application and the design was kept minimal and modern. We used our knowledge on User Experience to create an interaction that was intuitive so that  users could easily navigate through the app. The topics under each category was designed in a way that was easy to find.
The application was developed in an Android Platform as we wanted to reach to a wide range of users. The Product Developers made sure that the application showed optimum performance and was fast.

Learn UX App is available on Google Play

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