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Introduction to Visual Design

What is Visual Design?

Visual design is a part of graphic design that focuses on the aesthetics of a product, ensuring that it looks good, communicates the right image to users. A good visual design is a powerful key for setting the tone, communicating key concepts, and engaging your audience.

Why is Visual Design important?

Visual Design is the first impression that you give to your customers. Studies show that it takes an average person about 50 milliseconds to make their first judgements about your product. It is in our human nature to be attracted to people or things that are good looking and studies show that adults and children both are more likely to trust someone who is attractive. The same theory applies to your application or website, people are more likely to give your product the benefit of doubt if it has an aesthetic appeal about itself.

All the time. It is an integral part of the whole design process and has to be thought of from the very first day.


Visual Design & User Experience Design

While visual design gives the end users their first impression based on the use of colours, typography and images, user experience design focuses on the complete experience of who will use the product and how they will use it. User experience design has to be done before solutions are developed by carrying out scientific research to figure out the specific needs, wants and key tasks associated with the intended end user. The results of the findings are then incorporated into the visual components of the interface to give the user a pleasurable interaction while accomplishing tasks.

A successful design is the one that maximizes its adoption to the customers by blending visual design and user experience methodologies to produce an attractive end product for the user.



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