Leading UX in Bangladesh



User Study & Experience Research Hub

Userhub (User Study & Experience Research Hub) is the leading voice in research and education in the fields of user experience and user-centered design. It is the pioneer for User Experience in Bangladesh. With the help of our ux consulting services, companies and organizations deliver more engaging, easy to use, and accessible websites, and software applications to their users. Our training program is helping professionals and students advance their career with real-world knowledge in user-centered design.

Our team is built with experienced user researcher, interface architect, visual designer, information specialists, software engineer, neuroscientist, ophthalmologist, and educators.

Userhub students learn to design keeping the user benefit at the core of the ideation and development of the product design. They are kept up to date with the latest theories and practices of UX that helps them learn better while being at par with the current UX affairs. At Userhub, professionals will benefit as much as our students. If they are already into design, we will teach them on how to develop user centered designs. In case they are from different arenas, UX will open up doors to many career options. We help companies by training them on how to sell UX as their competitive advantage. Startups can take advantage of our UCD focused trainings by delivering a product that is designed around their user needs and not the other way around.

Creating products that are designed for the user is what helps businesses achieve their full potential. A product that fulfills a user requirement is a success instead of trying to convince users why they need a product. We help businesses create such products for their users. Our User Centered Design/Human Centered Design approach begins with users and ends with coming up with solutions for their needs.

Our Mission

In a world where there are distractions everywhere, coming up with product designs that captures the user’s attention is quite the challenge. However, we are aware that if its not easy to use its not going to be used. Users have expectations towards a product’s functionality, design and performance. A product with complex functionalities can be simple to use and fulfill a need for the user. Our mission is to add value to the lives of people through User Centered Design (UCD)/Human Centered Design (HCD).

Our Vision

Userhub aims to make the world a better place by helping to create products that are accessible to users of all kinds. We believe in our values embedded on the principles of User Centered Design (UCD)/Human Centered Design (HCD).

Our Values

Userhub values the user. For us our ultimate goal is user satisfaction. Therefore, users always trump clients. We aim to keep our clients happy by keeping the users content. We believe in empowering students with knowledge they can put to use in their lives. We practice what we teach our students.