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Userhub Reunion 2023: Teaser Video

Step into the inspiring world of Userhub Reunion 2023 and relive 12 years of shaping the future of UX and Human-Centered Design education in Bangladesh. This video provides glimpses into the reunion event where designers, students, and experts came together to share their knowledge and experiences, inspire one another, and explore the latest trends and developments in the design industry.

Hear from prominent figures in the industry, including Distinguished Professor Emeritus Don Norman, Co-founders Wahid bin Ahsan and Nilim Ahsan, and other notable speakers, such as Khondaker Abdullah Al Mamun, M. Rashidul Hasan, Munir Hasan, Mostaque Ahmed, Achia Nila, Emrazina Islam, and Rahman Emon, as well as current and former Userhub students.

Discover the importance of humanity-centered design, collaboration, and creativity in shaping the future of design education in Bangladesh.

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