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UX & Usability Workshop at Dnet

UX & Usability Workshop at Dnet

On the 18th of July 2016, Dnet, organized a day-long UX & Usability workshop for its members. The workshop was conducted by Userhub and led by Wahid Bin Ahsan, Chief Experience Officer and Co-founder of Userhub.

Dnet is a not for profit social enterprise. It was established in 2001, with a vision for a society where information and knowledge facilitates all stake holders’ participation in generation of wealth and its equitable distribution for poverty alleviation.

The UX & Usability workshop at Dnet consisted of two sessions. In the first half of the workshop, the participants were introduced to the different aspects of User Experience and Usability. Real world examples were used to help them understand the importance of User Experience in our daily life. The participants were encouraged to speak their minds and share their own personal experiences that made them feel the need to learn UX.

The second half of the workshop was to showcase their learning for the day. All of them were split into 3 teams. Each team was asked to find an existing problem in their everyday life and try to come up with a user-centred solution for it.

Userhub believes that users should always be kept first as they are the reason products and services exist. User experience is not only important when creating software programs, but it is an important aspect in all of the industries. We have been giving training to individual professionals and different organizations to create awareness of User Experience. Userhub wishes to conduct more workshops in the coming days.

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