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Userhub Reunion 2023: 12 Years of UX in Bangladesh

Userhub Reunion 2023

Celebrating 12 Years of UX in Bangladesh

January 20, 2023

Userhub’s past and present students are paving the way for the design industry while raising awareness of human-centered thinking and innovation to create a better future. On February 18th, 2023, we will discuss the importance of research-driven design. The theme of our reunion this year is “Design Together”. Let us work together to make this world a better place.

In 2011, UX and Human-Centered Design education in Bangladesh began with the “UX Saturday with Wahid” campaign. It started with online webinars and then in-person workshops in public and private universities. In 2014, Userhub was founded and has since become the trusted center for design education for professionals and students in Bangladesh.

Leading experts from the industry and academia have agreed to grace us with their presence at the reunion. We look forward to gaining valuable insights from them as they share their wisdom with us.
Community members will be on hand to discuss their experiences in the industry, go into detail about their design approaches, and offer advice to up-and-coming designers.

Keynote Speaker

Wahid bin Ahsan
Co-founder and Managing Director
Userhub Ltd.

Nilim Ahsan
Co-founder and Chairman
Userhub Ltd.

Special Guest (Online)

Don Norman
Founding Director (Emeritus)
The Design Lab
University of California

Guest Speakers

(The list of guests is not arranged in order of seniority)

Mr. Fahim Mashroor
Co-Founder and CEO
Bdjobs.com Ltd. & Ajker Deal

Mr. M. Rashidul Hasan
Managing Director & CEO
Systech Digital Limited

Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun
Professor, United International University
Founder and President, CMED Health

Dr. Imran Mahmud
Associate Professor
Daffodil International University, Bangladesh

Mr. Mostaque Ahammed Maq
Head of UX

Ms. Achia Nila
Founder, Managing Director, CEO
Women in Digital

Ms. Emrazin Islam
Owner and Founder
Emrazina Technologies

A detailed program schedule for the event will be shared shortly.


Lunch and snacks will be served to all participants.


The registration fee for the event is BDT 1000/= per person.
The last date for registration is February 15th, 2023.

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