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Userhub conducts research on Bangladeshi e-commerce websites

September 30, 2018

User Experience & Human-centered Design research, and training institute Userhub (User Study & Experience Research Hub), conducted a study on e-commerce websites of Bangladesh.

Dhaka September 27, 2018: A group of researchers, led by Wahid bin Ahsan, at User Study & Experience Research Hub (Userhub) conducted a study on e-commerce websites of Bangladesh.

The objective of the study was to find out if the e-commerce websites are conformed to web standards. The research was done on 174 active e-commerce websites enlisted in e-CAB. The study focused on three web standards: Accessibility, HTML Validation, CSS Validation. The researchers randomly selected three pages from each website and tested them for the above issues using W3C recommended tools. The result of the study shows that there was no site with zero errors and warnings. Average accessibility error was 60.57, HTML error was 49.52, CSS error was 27.16.

Co-founder and CXO of Userhub, Wahid bin Ahsan stated, “In order to provide valuable experience to the users a website needs to follow web standards recommended by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Following web standards ensure the quality of code of a website or application.” He further added, “Around 15% of the world population of suffers from some sort of Disability. If we create applications and websites following the web standards, we are ensuring this population gets to be a part of the digital change.

Websites and applications created following the web standards have a number of advantages; they have less browser compatibility issues, the code is robust, google gives them appropriate ranking and users are able to trust them more.

The Research was done independently and was restricted to e-CAB members only; Userhub plans to carry out the research with non e-CAB members in the near future.


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