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Don Norman, distinguished professor emeritus, proudly showcasing Userhub t-shirt, Userhub Reunion 2023 crest, and a sketch by Saliha Ahsan.

Userhub Community Honored by Don Norman’s Support in Advancing Design Education in Bangladesh

Renowned design expert and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of California, San Diego, Don Norman has made a substantial impact on the design world, both globally and in Bangladesh. His unwavering support for the Userhub community has been pivotal in advancing UX and human-centered design education within the country. On February 18, 2023, Norman participated in the online Userhub Reunion, an event marking 12 years of cultivating design talent and fostering educational excellence in Bangladesh.

At the 2023 Userhub Reunion, Norman facilitated an online discussion session in which he shared his wealth of knowledge and experience in human-centered design. He provided valuable feedback on students’ projects and emphasized the role of the Userhub community in nurturing design education in Bangladesh. As a testament to his commitment to the community, Norman donned a Userhub t-shirt, proudly showcased the Userhub Reunion 2023 crest, and was featured alongside an impressive sketch of himself by artist Saliha Ahsan.

Norman’s support for Userhub extends beyond the reunion, as evidenced by his active involvement in UX Bootcamp 2018. Joining the event online, he engaged in a Q&A session with attendees, showcasing his genuine interest in fostering the growth of the Userhub community and furthering design education in Bangladesh.

Userhub’s dedication to human-centered design and UX education has been a driving force in the growth of Bangladesh’s design industry. The Userhub Reunion on February 18, 2023, united designers, students, and experts for knowledge-sharing and encouraged participants to pursue new directions in their work. Norman’s virtual presence at the event and his continued commitment to Userhub underscore the importance of UX and human-centered design education in the country.

For a deeper understanding of Don Norman’s discussion, refer to the report by Wahid bin Ahsan, Designing a Sustainable Future: Insights from Don Norman at Userhub Reunion 2023. You can also watch the discussion on YouTube.

As Userhub continues to shape the future of design education in Bangladesh, the involvement of thought leaders like Don Norman within the community proves invaluable. His unwavering support and dedication to the industry serve as a powerful reminder that design goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on improving people’s lives through innovative and thoughtful solutions.

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