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Certificate in Advanced Front-End Development

Certificate in Advanced Front-End Development

Our React JS course helps you build your skills of developing the client side of a web application from a beginner level. In this course, you will acquire the core skills required for developing client side of web applications with Javascript and its front end framework React JS.

What you will learn:

  • Javascript: Javascript fundamentals along with the new syntaxes of Javascript (ES6) including spread operator, fat arrow function, class declaration, map and promise etc. We will also discuss some traditional javascript concepts such as callback, iife and use of ternary operator in React.
  • jQuery: DOM Traversal and Manipulation, Event Handling, Ajax calls, Effects, Forms, Selectors etc.
  • Introduction to React: Overview of the React. Know about IDE, Javascript version, project setup, introduction to Create React App, React theory, coding with jsx, virtual dom, react router, render function.
  • React Lifecycle: Understand different use of React lifecycles and learn to use them.
  • React Component: We will create react component from scratch with states and props.
  • React Events and Data Bindings: Fundamentals of event bindings. Learn to perform third party API calls and show it in our component.
  • React Styled Components: Learn about how styling and markup is done in large react projects. How to include bootstrap like libraries into them and CSS preprocessor SASS to work with. We will show how to use of Styled Components in React.
  • Webpack, npm: Overview of npm, module bundling with Webpack in React projects.
  • Git: Finally, you will learn to use version-controlling systems such as Git for tracking changes in codes and coordinating work on those codes among with multiple people. It is primarily used for source code management in software development, but it can be used to keep track of changes in any set of files and codes.

Technology & Tools

  • Languages: JavaScript
  • Frameworks: jQuery, React JS
  • IDE:VS Code
  • Tools: Webpack, npm, Redux
  • Version Controlling: Git

After finishing up the course, you will have a strong foundation on how to work efficiently with React and master the React syntaxes to build your components. You will be able to start creating your next single page application using React and add dynamicity to the website with fewer lines of code. You will also have a better understanding of ES6 which will save you time & effort while coding in Javascript environment. React will be your way to go for every of your front-end application which will eventually open the doors to front end developer jobs!


This course is for both students and professionals. Intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS is needed.

Career Opportunities

Frontend Developer, Web Developer and more.