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UX Boot Camp on User Experience & Design Thinking

Second UX Design Boot Camp to be held on 21st January

After the success of completing the country’s first UX Boot Camp in November, Userhub in collaboration with Learn UX, is back with a second UX Boot Camp on User Experience & Design Thinking. It will be held on 21st January, 2017 at the Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB).

Dhaka December 28, 2016: Userhub (User Study & Experience Research Hub) is the leading voice in research and education in the fields of user experience and user-centered design. Nilim Ahsan, the CEO and Co-founder of Userhub stated, “We are honoured to have received so much love and appreciation from everyone at the last Boot Camp. We had promised our participants that we will carry on with our initiative each year. We have kept our promise and we are back with the world’s most engaging design collaboration event “UX Boot Camp: User Experience & Design Thinking” on 21st January, 2017 at Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB). This time we are expecting 600 participants to take part in the event.”

Wahid bin Ahsan, Co-founder and Head of Design & Research of User Study & Experience Research Hub (Userhub), Head Facilitator of the UX Boot Camp said, “With the advance in technologies, we are expected to give our users the best possible experience. Products & services are designed to solve complex issues while giving the users a good experience. For designing such solutions, the practice of User Experience & Design Thinking is very important. I, encourage all of the professionals in the industry to learn and practice UX & Design Thinking in all of their work.”

He further added, “The software industry is growing all around the world, with increased demand of trained, professional User Experience Designers. Sadly, we are lacking behind in terms of having skilled User Experience Designers. This Boot Camp is an effort on our part to create skilled design talents for the software industry. In this Boot Camp, the students will learn the principles, techniques, best practices, and industry standards of user experience design and design thinking.” Wahid also added that, there is an uprising need of user-centered designers (UCD) in the western world. It is high time that we took necessary steps to upgrade our IT workforce to a level where we are capable of handling those projects.”

We have arranged the Boot Camp as a daylong event, divided into three sessions, so that the participants can learn to implement what they have learned with our help. The first session will consist of educational lectures, demonstrations and guided hands-on team work. In the interactive session, they will be divided into teams, and given a real-world problem to work on. The last session will be completely dedicated to reviewing the work the participants will have done and discussing its possible outcome in the real world.

The UX Boot Camp is being organized by Userhub and Learn UX. Online Media Partner of the event is Techmorich.

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