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Social Computing: Technology & Tools (Part-2)

Social Computing Tools

Continuation from Social Computing: Technology & Tools (Part-1)

There are multiple tools of social computing which helps to able the people to expand the doorway of new knowledge and also let them to gather some valuable experiences. Each tool plays significant role in the field of the interaction of people among them. It also contributes to enhance a better and stronger understanding of the social behavior between different levels of users. Some useful and more important tools of social computing are:

  • Blogging: A blog is a very useful social computing aspect which is a better way to follow a specific user, group of users, a company or any other collective communities and also to make comments on their progress toward a definite idea being which needs to implemented. Blogging helps the different class of users to interact with each other by using the content that is given by the main admin of the page. Blogging can be used as an alternative of email. The benefits of blogging are it can be used as an alternative of email to all. By using this, the users can interact with each other. It also minimizes the problems of connecting with people through email and sending mails to all of them. Some very popular examples of blogs are Gawker, TypePad, Sharepoint or Weblogs.com etc.
  • Wiki: This one is a kind of collaborative software. There are also some other ones like Wikipedia like Basecamp, Socialtext etc. These collaborative software normally provides the computing users a great opportunity of collaborating. This also helps in coming together with a common goal by this method and also provides different contents to the different levels of public community. This method of computing is helpful for both the novice and expert users.
  • RSS: The complete meaning of RSS is Rich Site Summary. It is also known as different term like Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary. It is a program which normally works by using a group of standard of web feed formats and thus publish information like blog entries, news headlines, video or audio which are being frequently updated regularly.
  • Online Gaming: Online gaming means some games played in virtual life over some form of computer network. Online gaming is one kind of social behavior. While playing an online game the users can interact with multiple numbers of people all around the globe and can be acquainted with people of different nations, cultures, classes or traditions. Online gaming can be played in different platforms like personal computers, xbox or playstaion and so on.
  • Social Networks: People all around the world are frequently using social networking. They are using Facebook, Tweeter, Messanger, Skype, YouTube, LinkedIn, Viber, myspace and so on. It is not possible to think about people of these days without using some media of social networking. It helps to build social network or relations among the different classes of people of the society.
  • Crowdsourcing: Crowdsourcing is a practice which engages a crowd of people or any particular group for a common goal which may be some kind of innovations, solving any problem or some other targets to be achieved. This can take place among different levels of industries. It helps in growing the connectivity. Crowdsourcing has become a very crucial part of the social computing process with the passage of time.
  • VOIP: VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It is a very useful methodology which helps to send the voice communications and also some multimedia sessions over the IP network like the internet. By using VOIP people can connect with the people of the farthest corner of the world very easily. So it has become a very useful form of social computing.
  • Collective Intelligence: Collective intelligence, as the name implies is one kind of phenomenon of the intelligence which arises in a group of individuals or some other collective forms as well. These individuals include some individual people or other organizations, markets or companies. This branch is considered about one of the important social computing branches due to it’s group collaboration aspects and effects.
  • Online dating: At the present age there are numbers of online dating adult websites like OkCupid, Match.com, eHarmony which help to create a community among the adult people. These websites provide the users a better chance to interact with other people and also make some relationships by online chatting, voice calling or video chatting etc. The interaction of the users using these adult websites may be different from each other which based upon the partners who are interacting. But the basic goal of the all partners will be the same that’s crating of relationship by virtual connection.
  • Microblogging: Micro-blogging is one kind of web service which allows the user or subscriber to send short messages to other users or subscribers of the same service. This service can either be public broadcasting service or be in between a private group of users. The subscribers can read the messages online or request to get the updates which will be delivered to their desktop as the form of instant messages.
  • Social Perceptions: Social perception is a term psychology that actually refers to a process which helps an individual to select, interpret or organize information and thus helps to create a meaningful living place in the society. It is the ability of a human being of making an impression of other social groups or individuals of the society. In the recent years, some research works have taken place to study about the interactions of the human beings and their computers in groups. Thus the process of social computing is getting more advanced day by day.
  • Instant Messaging: Instant messaging is far better way of communication as it is less interruptive and it is also possible to connect quickly and easily with the multiple users all over the society as well. For example: Lync is very useful and widely used software for this kind of purpose.
  • Other tools: Actually there are also many other tools those are more useful and popular to communicate and interact with the uses and thus contribute a lot in the field of social computing. Screensharing (for example: video calling or voice messaging) is another tool that can play vital roles in social computing. Social bookmarking, internet forums or multimedia sharing are some other important tools.


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