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Social Computing: Technology & Tools (Part-1)

Technology is one of the most crucial tools that have changed the way of civilization and also help the process of social computing. Technology has so many dynamic benefits upon human life cycle and it creates multiple numbers of opportunities for human beings. Technology plays great impact on the life style of human life. It changes human life. It contributes to extend human lives as it creates enormous and limitless educational opportunities. Technology also facilitates the global economy in a great extent. It helps to produce wealth and money in excess of human norms. Technologies are available that helps to lower the cost of individuals and also helps to create and distribute contents. Nowadays, there is an increasing level of acceptance of information from different non-authoritative sources. PC usage has become more popular than the total usage of TV, radio and magazine. So technology has also been very important and powerful media for social computing and interacting with each other.

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The unique idea of engaging the users to interact with each other can be made possible by using website. This technique was first brought to be real in life by Web 2.0 which was an advancement of Web 1.0. The updated and latest version of Web 2.0 provided multiple numbers of functionalities that allowed different terms like web hosting services in a relative low cost and also contributed to introduce different features with browser windows. These features used basic information structure and also helped to expand it to the possible number of devices by using HTTP.

In the year of 2006, there had a great advance in the field of social computing and it was the introduction of social software for enterprise. It also referred to as Enterprise 2.0 sometimes and it is actually a term that was derived from web 2.0. This item generally refers to the use of the social computing process in the corporate environments and also some other medium or large scale business environments. It consisted of some different classes of tools that allowed in the purpose of networking and social changes of the field of business at the time. It also brought several applications and also contributed to generate some collaborative software with some particular and specific uses.

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