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Benefits of Social Computing

Social Computing is the process that provides an increased rate of speed of the access to knowledge. Besides it also provides a wide range of knowledge through the interaction with multiple users. It computing offers a great range of communication among all the users by connecting them together and thus reduce the cost of the communication to a great extent. This process of Social Computing increases the efficiency of the users and thus increases the speed of the access to the experts. By this process, a better performance and a greater efficiency is achieved by the users.

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Social Computing helps to reduce the travel cost as this process is related to the online process mostly which helps to reduce the needs of labor and travel cost. As the overall performance and the quality of the performance increases, the Social Computing process also contributes to the increase of the employee satisfaction.

The operation cost of the overall program including the labor and travel cost is decreased due to this process. This process also helps to reduce the time needs to be involved to the market. Social Computing increases the economic revenue and also helps to make a huge amount of profit than the others traditional innovations. The involvements and amount of the successful innovations are quite larger in this process of Social Computing method. Lower product development costs and lower marketing costs are also the major benefits of the Social Computing process. Social Computing process also helps to lower the research costs of the whole program.

Benefits of Social Computing over the organizations

Social Computing helps the organizations in many ways like sharing the knowledge among the different users, keeping them up to date about different knowledge and experiences, reducing the interruptions and finding the experts for different purposes and connecting them accordingly.

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Factors navigating the Social Computing:

  • For the purpose of collecting data and making a brief analysis upon them, it is important to look for the brand monitoring firms.
  • Being focused to locate and track blogs or other media of the brand.
  • For getting automatic search notifications and thus tracking activity, we can use Google alerts.
  • Finding out the most probable destinations of the Social Computing processes for the brand being used and then joining in the program and being a member.
  • Being frank about own identity, purpose and the positions.
  • Listening to the opinion and response of the other users with due respect.
  • Considering the advertising and the sponsoring on the required sites.
  • Being a content provider rather than being a marketer or advertiser.
  • Evaluation of the users or the services or the products for the determination of whether enabling is needed or not. Finding out the necessity of the right move of enabling is the primary step.
  • For accepting the consumer originated content or products, we should look to the vendors for providing them the adequate platforms.
  • Keeping consistency in the participation and also the empowering of the actual individuals.
  • Considering and selecting of one or two particular individuals for commenting on the brand and thus contributing to the marketing efforts.
  • Giving the rewards for the participation.
  • Analyzing what people are responding about the products or the services continuously to get their possible feedback about them.


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