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UX Design Certification Course

Certified User Experience Designer

UX Design Course for User Interface (UI) Designers

Our UX Design course, Certified User Experience Designer comes with a comprehensive curriculum that is focused on Human-centered Design. You will learn applied research methodologies, design frameworks, and tools for identifying problems and design effective products and services for your target audience.

UX Design or User Experience Design is the process of designing a product, process, or system to create a positive perception in the users’ minds. With Human-centered design, we can design solutions based on the users’ needs, emotions, environments, abilities, and obstacles. In our UX Design course, you will learn the techniques of designing good user experiences by utilizing Human-centered Design techniques.

Our UX Design course lets you work on real-world design projects, where you will have the opportunity to conduct your research, design a solution, and validate its effectiveness by testing it.

Whether you want to design a new product or service or take your career to the next level, you will benefit from this UX Design course. Our UX Design certification program will help you overcome the fear of the design process with simplified lessons and guided projects.

What you will learn

  • Foundation of User Experience and Human-centered Design
  • Understanding of design methodology, frameworks, and processes
  • Requirement analysis and project planning
  • Preparation of research tools, and conducting a research
  • Field-data analysis, understanding user requirement, and report creation
  • Familiarizing with data analysis software ATLAS.ti
  • Prototype creation, testing with the target audience for effectiveness
  • Project report creation and writing
  • Collaborate as a team in real-world projects
  • Guided projects and assignments


  • Mentor-assisted design projects
  • Assignment-based grading system
  • Personalized software license
  • Industry-standard updated syllabus
  • Student support outside of class


This course is for professionals with experience in User Interface (UI) Design.