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User Experience Design Starter

User Experience Design Starter

Introduction to UX and Human-centered Design

UX Design is no more a topic of web or mobile application designers, but a point of interest among experts across all industries. Organizations today are emphasizing on innovations, and are prioritizing users’ experience over anything else. With the help of Human-centered Design, companies are designing products and services to ensure users’ satisfaction.

In this UX Design online course, we will introduce you to the fundamentals and principles of User Experience (UX) and Human-centered design, design processes, and ways of making products that solve real-world problems of the users.  We will give you guidelines on how to start a career in User Experience Design. If you are already working in the design industry, you will benefit by applying the UX Design process.

What you will learn

  • Principles of User Experience, Human-centered Design and Design thinking
  • Fundamentals of planning a UX Design project from scratch
  • Introduction to user research, and how it can help us in understanding user needs and motivation
  • User research methods and techniques of conducting successful research
  • How to re-frame problems so that you can see it from the user’s point of view
  • How to work in teams and accept diverse opinions to improve the design thinking process
  • Introduction to usability, and techniques of building a usable product
  • Fundamentals of prototype design and evaluation of the concept
  • Implement your learning into a real-world project

What you need to join

  • A computer (with webcam), or smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • Headphone with mic


This course is for both professionals and students.

Career Opportunities

UI Designer, User Researcher, UX Designer and more.