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Design for today's world: Diploma in UX Design

Diploma in User Experience Design

UX Design Program for Graphic Designers

Diploma in User Experience (UX) Design is a comprehensive program that comes with an all-inclusive syllabus to help you meet your career goals. It aims to develop your skills in designing usable products that offer a pleasurable experience to its users. The UX Diploma program comes with two design courses. The first course focuses on tools, techniques, and methodologies of designing usable user interfaces (UI) for web and mobile-based applications. In the second course, you will learn to empathize with your users, design your products based on their needs, and evaluate your product’s design through human-centered iterations.

Course 1: User Interface (UI) and Interaction Design

A good user interface (UI) is intuitive and easy to comprehend. The user interface should allow the users to complete their goals effectively and efficiently. In this part, we will introduce you to the principles of user interface (UI) design, various tools, techniques, and processes that are required for designing user interfaces for web and mobile applications, and develop prototypes of your digital product.

What you will learn

  • Foundations of user interface and interaction design
  • Organizing information of a product, system, or process
  • Designing products based on user goals and business objectives
  • Principles of Inclusive design and their implementation
  • Familiarizing with Adobe XD and Figma as design tools
  • Fundamentals of creating design patterns and interaction frameworks
  • Foundations of usability and human factors
  • Foundations of wireframe design and prototyping

Upon completion of the UI design course, you will acquire the core skills required for designing usable, accessible, and intuitive applications that offer an aesthetic experience to the users.

Course 2: User Experience (UX) and Human-centered Design

The second part of the Diploma program will introduce you to the User Experience (UX) design process, design thinking, tools, and methods of conducting user research.  You will learn the different frameworks and techniques for empathizing with the users to understand their needs and motivation. In this UX design course, you will design data-driven solutions as products and services for your target group of users. You will learn to carry out design evaluation, and techniques for making accessible designs. You will have the opportunity to conduct your research, design a solution, and validate its effectiveness by testing it.

What you will learn

  • Foundation of User Experience Design
  • Understanding of design methodology, frameworks, and processes
  • Empathizing with the users, and understand their needs
  • Conduction of design thinking workshops
  • Familiarizing with data analysis software ATLAS.ti
  • Requirement analysis and project planning
  • Conducting brainstorming sessions for collective ideas
  • Preparation of research tools, and conducting a user research
  • Documentation and project report creation
  • Prototype creation, testing with the target audience for effectiveness


  • Mentor-assisted design projects
  • Assignment-based grading system
  • Personalized software license of ATLAS.ti
  • Industry-standard updated syllabus
  • Student support outside of class

Our Diploma in UX Design (DUXD) allows you to fully absorb an informed design process. You learn to identify users’ problems, understand user expectations, design usable interfaces, and testing of prototypes with the target user groups. It will provide you lifelong support as you go on to engage in real-world design opportunities.


This course is for professionals with experience in Graphic Design, Visual Design, or User Interface (UI) Design.