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Usability Testing

Is your Product Usable? Discover Design Issues Today.

Usability Testing ensures your  products and systems are easy to use, and do match closely to user needs and requirements. Pleasure and usability go hand in hand. The perception that pretty things draw customers is something that people have to come out of. Something that is pretty but not usable is like sitting in an expensive car without fuel. It’s pretty but useless. People look for experiences and products that make life easier for them. Usability is what governs the decisions of people now.

We carry out usability testing for people who care about making usable products. In the testing process, we help you discover design issues and points of users’ frustration in using your product. Based on collected data, we provide you with suggestions and guidelines to improve your product’s User Experience (UX) – hence, increasing profitability. During Usability Testing sessions, we look for important factors of Usability in your product, such as:

  • Usefulness: Does it fulfill specific need of your users?
  • Efficiency: Does it help users to accomplish goals quickly with accuracy?
  • Effectiveness: Does it behave the way its users’ expected it to be?
  • Learn-ability: Is it hard to learn, does it require extensive training?
  • Memorable: Is your product’s experience recognizable to returning users?
  • Satisfaction: Are your users satisfied with your product’s experience?
  • Accessibility: Is your product accessible to everyone, including the people with disability?

Whether are you planning to release your product in the market, thinking of starting development or even better you are in the middle of your design; we recommend that you do a usability testing in order to make sure it is “usable”.

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