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Focus Group Discussion

Focus Group Research

Explore the minds of your users.

Focus Group Research help to gain insights into the opinion and ideas of a particular group of people over a short period of time. This helps in planning and design of new solutions, evaluate existing ones and to develop future strategies to improve the product’s User Experience (UX). When designing for the users, research on the target group is very important (read: how we helped a local healthcare startup with our focus group research).

It is always not possible for the designer to understand the needs and expectations of the users without coming into contact with them. That is where focus group discussions come in. Focus Groups helps you to map the mental model of your users. We do not proceed with designing unless proper research has been done. It is difficult to improve the User Experience (UX) of your product if you are not aware of what your user wants or expects from you.

We conduct our focus group research under strict guidance of our user research team. We have experienced moderators and researchers who have conducted successful focus groups that yielded fruitful results for the clients. Often a lack of research can stand in the way of the success of a product. Why take chances when we can provide you with excellent research facilities.