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Expert Design Review

Does your product offer a good user experience?

Expert Design Review is the process of reviewing your product against established usability standards that affect a user’s experience. Our UX Consultancy services provide you with Expert Design Review Service to improve your product’s User Experience (UX). In addition to that, we will also give you guidelines to improve you’re the overall User Experience (UX).

Userhub has been working with User Experience (UX) and Human Centered Design (HCD) for the last few years because we believe in adding value to the lives of people. Our values insist on delivering usable products armed with a great UX. We can help you find out whether users will love/like/accept your design through our Design Review Service.

If you do an expert review it will help you to:

  • Identify the problems in your product’s design
  • Come up with possible solutions for your problems
  • Attract more people from your target group of customers
  • Grow your business by increasing your ROI

What will be reviewed?

  • Is your design focused to the user’s needs and expectations?
  • Is your product findable, learnable and memorable?
  • Does your design match the user’s real world experiences?
  • Does your product offer enough freedom to the user?
  • Does your product offer a consistent user experience?
  • Does your product offer users to correct their errors?
  • Can your product be used by all kinds of users?
  • Does your product follow the principles of design?
  • Is your product’s design respectful to its users?

To learn more about our Design Review services, you can contact us directly at 01677 353 993 or email us at: [email protected]