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We thought of creating a platform where users will not only be benefited by information but where they will be able to interact with each other.

Jolpie Healthcare Platform

Creating positive impact in Healthcare Ecosystem

The Client came to us when they realised that we lack a platform where we can access information about the health problems we face in our day to day lives. We also did not have any healthcare directory where we could find a list of Doctors to consult. So they thought a Health Care Directory with a Magazine would be able to solve the problem to an extent. To help them with their problem we started our own research which in turn lead us to a study by WHO which had the latest reviews on our healthcare system. What we found is stated below.

In a recent study by WHO called Bangladesh Health System Review (ISBN 9789290617051), it has been stated that “ Besides their main complaint about the non-responsiveness of the health systems and health-care providers, complaints of long waiting times, absenteeism and misbehaviour of the providers, exclusion of marginalized groups (e.g. destitute, eunuchs), lack of privacy, and lack of explanation of health issues and management to the clients are frequently made. The daily newspapers frequently report malpractice by doctors and dissatisfaction with respect to the quality of services.”   

After reviewing this study, we interviewed a group of 25 Specialised Professionals, where in addition to the above stated problems, a number of relevant concerns regarding the Healthcare System came out in the limelight. Specialised people included:

  • Specialized Doctors
  • Doctor’s Assistant
  • Medical Representatives
  • IT Specialist
  • Medical Promotion Officer
  • Senior Medical Promotion Officer
  • Area Promotion Officer
  • Senior District Sales Manager
  • Senior Medical Promotion Executive
  • Manager Marketing
  • General Manager of a Pharmaceutical Company

Our Findings

Our focus group discussion and contextual interviews with the target groups gave us the following results:

  • Quality of care at the Hospitals are below standard
  • Patients have to wait in long lines for serials/appointments
  • Increased number of patients at the Public Hospitals make it impossible for Doctors to provide proper medical care
  • There is a lack of proper documentation method of patient’s files
  • Doctors working in Public Hospitals are not always available
  • Doctors are mistrusted, as Patients read articles on the web before coming to the Doctor
  • Doctors tend not to refer Patients to other Doctors
  • Doctors are often biased towards Pharmaceutical Companies while prescribing medicines
  • Lack of counseling for Doctors
  • Patients and Pharmacists are often unable to read hand written prescriptions
  • Pharmacies give out low quality drugs to Patients if Doctors prescribe using generic name

The Solution

After a lot of brain storming we thought of creating a platform where users will not only be benefited by information but where they will be able to interact with each other. So we thought of using Doc5 – Use social engagement, platform which seemed efficient to handle the healthcare system that we were about to design. Our Product Designers and User Experience Designers sat down with the client to design and develop the following features:

  • Online Appointment – The feature called ‘Online Appointment’ from Doc5 enables the user to log in to our system from anywhere in the country and secure an appointment with a Doctor. The ‘Search’ feature allows the user to search for Doctors by their name or specialization and then take on appointment. Additional features allow the users to select Doctors within their budget and their suitable location and day. All of these save valuable time and energy of people making their lives easier.
  • Online Consultancy (Audio Call, Video Call & Text Messaging)- Online consultation allows Patients to consult Doctors from the comfort of their home or workplace. Patients can choose from the option of text, audio and video call, the method of consultation they want. They can choose their Doctors from a list of Doctors offering the services in our system using the ‘Search’ 24/7 Free Call Service is another feature which allows Patients to call up any Doctor from a team of Doctors employed by Jolpie, to solve their primary health care concerns. Care at Home – Very often it is difficult to take the patient to hospital and home care is required. Doc5’s Care at Home feature allows just about anyone to request from a range of home care services anytime they need it.
  • Find Health Care – Patients can search from a range of Doctors, Hospital and Labs and compare them before selecting where or whom to consult.
  • Online Prescription
  • Social Platform & Groups – Jolpie addresses the communication gap issue by providing a platform where Doctors and Patients can interact with one another, share thoughts and valuable advice.
  • Magazine – The magazine provides all the health related articles and information that can benefit the users.

We also created a mobile application for Jolpie so that users could use it and be benefited on the go. The app is now available in Google Play Store.

Design & Development

We implemented User Experience Design throughout the whole of Jolpie. The steps we carried out was :

  • User Research
  • Information Design
  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Engineering & Development

While developing we used the latest technology to create a stable database. We thought of reliability and scalability.



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