Leading UX in Bangladesh


Our Story

A UX Journey that began in 2011 in Bangladesh

It was late 2011 when a non-profit platform ‘UX Saturday with Wahid’ put its first step by hosting online webinars on user experience. Its objective was to share the knowledge of user experience and Human-centered Design among the professional designers and students of Computer Science and Software Engineering of Bangladesh.

UX Saturday with Wahid started organizing on-campus workshops at educational institutions in 2012. Public and private universities welcomed the UX Saturday with Wahid team to take Hands-on UX sessions on their campuses. 2013 was the year when UX Saturday with Wahid team started arranging public workshops. In addition, UX Training for Business was also introduced for the corporates to share the importance of UX and Human-centered Design (HCD) with the top talents of the industry. User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Usability, Design Thinking are some of the topics that were covered in the day-long sessions.

In 2014, the Co-founders Wahid bin Ahsan and Nilim Ahsan felt the need of giving an institutional form to all the efforts. User Study and Experience Research Hub (Userhub) was found. The first-ever professional course on user experience was launched as Certified User Experience Professional (CUXP) which is now known as Certified User Experience Designer (CUXD).

The following year, in 2015 Userhub collaborated with UX Saturday with Wahid and Bangladesh User Experience Professionals’ Association (BUXPA) to host Bangladesh’s first and largest digital design conference – Big Design Day 2015 in Rangpur. As many as 14 renowned digital design professionals from web, mobile gaming, 3D and motion graphics industry conducted technical design sessions. Participants from all over corners of the Rangpur division turned out to make the event a grand success. An astonishing figure of 600 professionals and students from different educational institutions of the division participated in the conference to learn digital design. To date, Userhub trained more than 10,000 professionals and students through workshops and classroom courses.

In 2016 Userhub organized Country’s first-ever UX Boot Camp to train 200 participants, who are interested in building a career in user experience. It was successfully followed by three more consecutive UX Boot Camps in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Participants of the 3rd (2018) and 4rth (2019) UX Boot Camp were ornamented with the online presence of some legendary identities. Donald Arthur Norman, the director of The Design Lab at the University of California, appeared as the special online guest speaker at the UX Boot Camp of 2018. UX Boot Camp 2019 had welcomed two special online guest speakers – Founder and President of Semantic Studios, Peter Morville, and Eric Reiss, CEO of FatDUX Group, Denmark. In the same year, Userhub launched its Rangpur campus with the motto to decentralize the knowledge-sharing platform with the interested students and professionals outside the capital.

Userhub worked on the first-ever user experience project of the Government of Bangladesh in 2018 – Ek Sheba Nagorik. This service delivery platform was launched with the objective of providing more than 1500 government services to the citizens of Bangladesh. In the same year, Userhub redefined its Brand Identity that empathizes on its core values – People, Knowledge, and Innovation.

One more unique feather was added on the portfolio in the same year as Userhub carried out the first-ever research on the Web Content Accessibility of Bangladeshi e-Commerce websites. In 2019 Userhub signed a contract with international non-profit Simavi to Develop the Demand Creation Strategy for WASH Alliance International Sub-Programme WASH SDG.

As the journey of Userhub marches along, it looks forward to continue adding value to the lives of people through User Experience and Human-centered Design.