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Demand Creation Strategy for WASH Alliance International Sub-Programme WASH SDG

WASH Project

The Netherlands Water, Sanitation and Hygiene sustainable development goal (WASH SDG) consortium is formed by the partners WASH Alliance International (WAI), SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) and Plan Netherlands (Plan). The WASH SDG Programme aims to sustainably improve access to and use of sanitation and improve hygiene behaviours, taking a gender transformative approach, for at least 2 million women, girls, boys and men, and access to and use of safe drinking water for at least 450,000 women, girls, boys and men by 2022[1]. This will be the first phase of a larger contribution towards realising the 2030 vision. We expect that the reach of our programme activities will be beyond 7.4 million people.

In Bangladesh, WAI is working in six Municipalities (Satkhira, Kalaroa, Barguna, Amtali, Patharghata and Betagi) and two Upazila (Satkhira Sadar and Barguna Sadar) with six Bangladeshi partners and seven Dutch partners[2]. Simavi is the lead implementing partner for WAI sub-programme in Bangladesh and is responsible for development of the demand creation strategy for this sub-programme, which will be used by local partners in Bangladesh.

We are currently working on developing the Demand Creation Strategy following the guidelines of “Human Centered Design Thinking” process and ‘Behaviour Change Communication Frameworks’.

[1] Outcome targets are based on budget availability of €59 million for the first 5 years.

[2] Consisting of Simavi (lead), Akvo, RAIN, WASTE , IRC, Practica and RUAF

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