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UX Redesign for Ek Sheba Platform

Client: a2i (Access to Information), Government of Bangladesh


Ek Sheba Nagorik is a comprehensive platform providing seamless access to over 1500 government services for citizens across Bangladesh. Executed by Userhub in collaboration with a2i (Access to Information), a special program of the Government of Bangladesh, the project aimed to simplify and enhance the user experience. Ek Sheba Nagorik serves as the single gateway for all government services, enabling citizens to apply for services, monitor application progress, and receive updates through a personalized dashboard.


The primary objectives were to:

  • Improve the categorization and accessibility of government services.
  • Enhance search functionality and overall usability.
  • Provide a unified login experience for citizens and government officials.
  • Redesign the dashboard for better user interaction and information management.


Userhub employed a Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach to redesign the platform. The process included several key steps:

  • Design Workshop: Kick-off meetings with stakeholders and the a2i team to understand business objectives and user needs.
  • Brainstorming Sessions: In-house brainstorming sessions to identify system limitations and opportunities for improvement.
  • Information Architecture: Creation of a new information architecture to simplify navigation and service discovery based on user research and requirement analysis.
  • Wireframe Development: Design of intuitive, minimalist, and efficient wireframes for different system interactions.
  • Visual Design: Enhancement of visual aesthetics to provide a visually pleasing user experience, following design principles.
  • Prototype Development: Development of a high-fidelity prototype to emulate the system and allow users to test and complete their goals.

New Experience

Search Experience

Optimized search functionality to be more prominent and user-friendly. The new design highlighted the search box and improved the search results page by categorizing results based on audience schemes—General Citizens, Businesses, and Government Officials.

Service Categorization

Re-categorization of services under three main user types: Citizens, Businesses, and Government Officials. This audience-based categorization improved usability and accessibility.

Service Detail Page

Redesign of the service detail page to provide comprehensive information about each service, including fees, processing time, and required documents.

Application Process

Simplification of the application form by introducing tabs to separate personal information, service-specific information, and a final review tab.

Registration and Login

Design of a unified registration and login system, allowing both citizens and government officials to access services from the same platform using their Bangladesh ID.


Optimization of the dashboard to allow users to access personal information, attached documents, service lists, application statuses, and notifications from a single place. Customizable dashboard and statistical summaries of applied services were also included.


Userhub’s UX design for Ek Sheba Nagorik created a user-friendly and efficient platform that meets the needs of all users. The new design prioritizes user goals, offering an improved search experience, audience-focused service directory, and a unified login system. The enhanced dashboard allows users to efficiently keep track of their services and receive important notifications.

Userhub recommends developing a mobile version of the Ek Sheba Nagorik platform to further enhance accessibility. Additionally, conducting a usability testing program is suggested to ensure users can achieve their goals easily and efficiently.

This case study demonstrates Userhub’s capability to deliver user-centered design solutions that significantly improve the accessibility and usability of digital platforms, ultimately enhancing user experience and service delivery for citizens.


This case study is based on research and work conducted by Userhub. The findings and recommendations presented are intended for informational purposes only and do not disclose any confidential or proprietary information about the client. Specific details related to proprietary processes, technical data, and internal strategies have been excluded to maintain confidentiality. Userhub is committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of all participants and stakeholders involved in this project. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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