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Redefining Online Tech Magazine in Bengali

Techmorich, an innovative online tech magazine launched by Userhub, has brought up the real picture of online tech magazine. A real time example of tech magazine has been added in the Bengali content world through this tech site.

Userhub is a proven brand for promoting design methodologies and present them towards the young generations. They provide quality and structured design learning service to the passionate designers of the society. Besides, Userhub is promoting new comers towards the knowledge based design learning to enrich the design skills and lead the next generation designers in near future. Like other innovative attempts of Userhub, this is the coolest site in Bengali having coolest attributes featuring different branches of technology and its prospects in Bangladesh and the whole world as well.

Techmorich Magazine

This is a tech magazine based on well-researched methodologies, ideas, events and strategies focusing on some specific areas like technology, health and medicine, Science, User Experience, Art and Design. This amazing tech magazine is not only an online magazine where technology gets well formatted but also a live platform to inspire young tech lovers to speed up their passion and knowledge. News from all corners of the world is published in virtual magazine in Bengali whether it is event, update, and design, inspirational or motivational articles.

What Techmorich Aims For

This tech site aims to share information regarding all tech news in Bengali for providing best support for the Bengali knowing people and provide a clear career path for better future through technical innovation. Userhub team is very promising to train people on how to solve design related problems rather than traditional designing with design tools available. Techmorich is the online guide containing various design solutions and profiles of professional designers.

Techmorich over Traditional Online Magazine

Traditional magazines publish regional events, some common news, and some public demanding unnecessary news for entertainment purpose only but this innovative site has been launched breaking all the so-called trends. It also promotes the talented new artists who know how to make successful designs like paintings, animations, cartoons etc. This is also a good resource for quality and well-researched articles to reach maximum people who need health and medicine related solutions.

Above All

Last but not the least, it’s a beginning to define standardization for tech magazine in this sub-continent and ofcourse in Bengali. It’s the time to set the level of quality. This will be the next generation magazine available for online tech news and guide line platform. For the beginners, for the professionals.

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