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User Experience (UX) is more than giving users what they want in a product. UX is the unified assimilation of marketing, engineering, product design, cognitive psychology, usability, accessibility and interface design.  We can see many people digressing from the core of UX due to misinformation.  There are many myths revolving around UX. It is not just a part of a project. UX is integrated in all aspects of a product or a business. Its inception takes place at a strategy level and expands onto the whole lifecycle of a business.

Userhub is the pioneer of UX in Bangladesh. It is a research and training institute that provides consulting services to companies and organizations. Userhub has always been in support of valuable education. Unlike many other institutions where tools are used to teach students, Userhub believes in equipping students with knowledge and sources to help them build their knowledge base and grow as a person and a professional.

Learn UX is a platform dedicated to everyone interested in UX, newbies learning UX and UX professionals. The purpose of LearnUX is to not let UX newbies and professionals deviate from the root of UX foundation. UX learners can get information on everything related to UX according to different topics or categories in Learn UX.

Learners can search through topics or categories, whichever they find easier to get the information that they need. Apart from that daily posts are made on the latest trends and developments in UX that can be seen under Updates on the website. We believe this will help in the advancement of the UX industry, as people on the journey of UX need a go to source. LearnUX being a platform that has short concise articles on every UX topic will fulfill the need of both UX beginners and professionals.

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