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Ek Sheba Nagorik

Ek Sheba Nagorik

Service Delivery Platform

The User Experience Design and implementation was done by Userhub in collaboration with a2i (Access to Information) which is a special programme of the Government of Bangladesh that catalyses citizen-friendly public service innovations simplifying government and bringing it closer to people. The prime objective of the project is to provide seamless experience of the Ek Sheba Nagorik platform to all citizens across Bangladesh.

Ek Sheba Nagorik Platform is the single gateway for all the government services of Bangladesh. Through this platform, any citizen of Bangladesh can avail 1500+ Govt. services. By using this platform, a citizen can apply for his/her desired service directly to the respective department. This can be done using a simple form with required information and attachments. After applying for a service, the citizen can monitor the progress and state of the application through a personal dashboard. He/she will get all the information about the application from his/her dashboard. The citizen can search for any of the enlisted services through an advanced and dynamic search feature.

The platform focuses on the free flow of services for a citizen. It creates a gateway for citizens to get access to all government services. This platform will focus on providing information that are essential to every citizens’ prosperous livelihood-agriculture, health, education, law & human rights, tourism and history, human resources, development & engineering, environment & disaster management etc.

Considering robustness in both technology and usage impact a2i, Userhub re-designed the User Experience for Ek Sheba Nagorik Platform.

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