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Biggan Baksho

Biggan Baksho

Educational Science Kit

Education is important and we want the best of it for our children. We want our child to excel in everything. But simply memorizing class lectures limits the mental development of our children. It’s easier to learn new things when learning becomes fun. Keeping all these in mind, Onnorokom Electronics came up with a fun and interactive way for children and their parents to make science interesting. The Onnorokom Science Box (Biggan Baksho), is a unique science kit for the budding science lovers of our country. Biggan Baksho is a tool-box containing materials which can be used to carry out a range of safe & easy scientific experiments. It comes along with a manual and video tutorial that will help the child to carry out the experiments and also understand the science behind it. The Biggan Baksho also has a story book series that contains science facts for your child to learn from.

Onnorokom Electronics wants to create a strong online presence for its “Biggan Baksho”, so that they can reach out to a larger group of their target audience.

We proposed a platform for both web and mobile from where the parents and their children can interact with each other, share knowledge and purchase the product and designed the website for them.

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