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Ava- Empowering Women


Empowering women in Design & ICT

The Technology Industry is one of the fastest growing industry globally. The growing industry demands skilled workers. Men alone cannot fulfill the skill gap that is being created. Women, in recent years, have started to contribute to the economy of their countries; but stereotype job markets and workplace discrimination are holding back women from entering the Technology sector.

Gender equality and enhancing the use of ICTs to empower women is an explicit target of Sustainable Development Goal 5. With the Digital boom that the whole world is going through, emerging technologies are opening up new job opportunities. Girls and women are losing out and will continue to be deprived of these opportunities due to lack of skills. Intel reported in 2013 that enabling internet access for 150 million women would contribute an estimated USD 13-18 billion to the annual GDP of 144 developing countries.

The gender disparity in the ICT and Design Industries is what led to the birth of an idea; that is “AVA”. Ava meaning “glow” represents the bright future that is inevitable if women are empowered. Ava was created to empower girls and help reach the target of the SDG #5. Ava aims to provide scholarships and free training to women and girls that will help them secure jobs in the ICT market. We encourage girls to come out of their stereotype roles set by the society and take full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision making in political, economic and public life.