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Humayra Rhusan

Humayra Rhusan

As I reflect upon this incredible journey, my heart swells with gratitude for the immeasurable wisdom and inspiration you have bestowed upon me. It is with the utmost sincerity that I extend my deepest appreciation.

Throughout the course, I found myself most captivated by the research phase. The intricate dance of interviewing our target audiences, transmuting their narratives into code, and weaving together these threads of insight challenged me profoundly. In the initial moments, uncertainty whispered that success might elude me, but under the gentle and expert guidance of Wahid Bhaiya, I found my way. The triumphant completion of the task, against all odds, evoked a sense of accomplishment beyond measure.

Your collective mentorship has unfurled doors of opportunity I could only dream of, and for this, I am humbled and profoundly grateful. The memories forged during this learning odyssey will forever be etched in my soul, a beacon of inspiration guiding me forward.

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