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Fatma Zaman Meem

Fatma Zaman Meem

Being an Architect and Graphic Designer, my curiosity about UX design and user experiences has always been insatiable. I am delighted to have discovered Userhub, which has allowed me to enhance my skills in UX design and user experiences within the design realm. This platform has not only taught me how to craft designs based on people’s experiences but has also provided insights into analyzing, weighing pros and cons through research and real-life encounters.

My exposure to Userhub has introduced me to numerous novel facets of the design field, serving as a wellspring of motivation both as a designer and as an individual. The profound impact of human-centered design has become clearer than ever, emphasizing how it can influence and improve the human experience. Additionally, we gained insights into the burgeoning domain of AI technology and its seamless integration into design, preparing us for the new design era.

The knowledge and experiences I have gained from Userhub are invaluable. They have kindled a motivation to apply these newfound skills in both my professional endeavors and personal life. I extend my gratitude to our mentor, Wahid Bin Ahsan Sir, for his unwavering guidance throughout the diploma journey and for his consistent encouragement. My appreciation for Userhub knows no bounds, as it has been a transformative experience that I will forever be thankful for.

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