Leading UX in Bangladesh

Debobroto Chowdhury

Debobroto Chowdhury

I am very pleased with this course and instructor, very well structured and easy to understand. Thanks to Wahid Bin Ahsan sir. He is a very good teacher and has clearly put a lot of time and effort into this course. I really enjoyed his different styles of teaching. As a developer, I had no idea about the designing process and fundamentals. This course helped me in getting familiar with design principles and processes.

I learned how I actually had to go to people and interview them, draw storyboards of ideas, create user personas, tasks, walkthrough scenarios, use cases, information architecture, site maps, wireframe, prototype, and user testing. UX is all about being practical and DUXD gives you practical knowledge that can be applied immediately in all design fields. I really recommend this course. Even for who is already working as a professional designer, and essential for entrepreneurs.

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